Introducing Community Service, The Residents Eager To Join TNI To Clean Up Sagapusatu

SAGAPUSATU NDUGA– The Task Forces of the Para Raider Infantry Battalion 503/Mayangkara Kostrad, one of the military units under the command of the Indonesian Armed Forces Operational Command (KOOPS TNI) in Papua, is currently carrying out the mobile security at the border of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, especially in Nduga Regency area, Papua Pegunungan Province. On Wednesday, 10 July 2024, the 503 Task Forces held a Community Service activity with the residents in the context of cleaning up the Sagapusatu Village, which is in the Krepkuri District. In conducting this service, the Soldiers took the time to convey the importance of maintaining regional security to support development in the Papua region.

The Social Communication (Komsos) which continues to be actively organized by the 503 Task Forces, according to the Task Forces Commander Lieutenant Colonel Gurbasa Samosir, is one realization of the TNI’s commitment to implementing inclusive Social Communication with all residents of the Papua region. The realization of the Komsos was carried out by the Soldiers at the Pelabuhan Amor Post led by Second Lieutenant Edi Purnomo on that Wednesday. Well-established territorial development by the TNI Soldiers in the Sagapusatu Village has resulted in the implementation of Community Service safely and smoothly.

This Community Service, which was conducted for the first time in the Sagapusatu Village, was the result of an intense Komsos by 2LT Edi with the Leaders and Community Figures of the village. Eventually, after there was an agreement on the time and location of the Service, the residents conducted the activity enthusiastically. Even one resident named Yohanes Morin enthusiastically said, “Komandan (Commander) 503, we need to do Community Service again later, so that the Sagapusatu remains clean and safe. Glorious TNI.”

Upon receiving the program report, the KOOPS TNI Commanding General, Brigadier General Lucky Avianto, said, “The initiative of the 503 Task Forces in holding creative Komsos in the Sagapusatu Village is a TNI’s effort to maintain conducive security to support accelerated development in the Papua region.”